Dutch National Prosecution Service and police launch Hidden Service in global Darknet enforcement operation

The Dutch National Prosecution Service and police launched a so called Hidden Service on the darknet today. The set up took place within the framework of ‘Operation Hyperion’. This first global Darknet marketplace enforcement operation ever, was conducted 22 to 28 October.

Hidden Service

Via the Hidden Service, an English darknet website, the National Prosecution Service and police show the darknet community that they act actively on the darknet in the first place. Secondly, the team communicates about the detection and prosecution of many large vendors on the underground marketplaces. Thirdly, the Hidden Service points out that buyers of illegal goods aren’t as anonymous on the darknet as the might think.

The darknet website can be visited via the regular internet via this link: (https://politiepcvh42eav.onion.to).

It is important to notice that there are some suspects using nicknames on the darknet, corresponding to the names of (large) industries. Those companies have nothing to do with the suspicion.

Criminal justice actions

Apart from the launch of the Hidden Service, some criminal justice actions took place in the Netherlands last week.

Pre-trial chamber

October 10th a man was arrested in Zutphen in a criminal investigation of the Dutch National Public Prosecution Office. Tuesday October 25th the pre-trial chamber decided to extend his detention with 90 days. The man is accused of vending, by  using online underground marketplaces on the Darknet.


Another Dutch result of note during the action week was that the Prosecution Office in Rotterdam announced the prosecution of two 20 and 26 years old brothers in the region. They are accused of joining money laundering, by the use of bitcoins and large amounts of money in relation to underground dealing in forbidden goods on diverse darknets.

Operation Hyperion

Operation Hyperion is the first operation ever coordinated on a global scale. The operation aims to take action against the buyers and sellers of illicit drugs, weapons, fake and stolen identities and other illegal activities using Darknet global marketplaces. Amongst others activities such as computer hacking, murder for hire and money laundering.

Law enforcement agencies participating in the operation included: The Dutch national police, The Prosecution Office in the Netherlands and Europol.

International partners include the Australia, Canada, Finland, France,  New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States and the Netherlands.