Expansion suspicion Ruinerwold investigation and outcome DNA test

The public prosecutor has decided to lift the restrictions for both suspects in the Ruinerwold investigation as of today. This means that the Public Prosecution Service (OM) can bring out more details about the investigation.


DNA kinship research has shown that the six children from the farm in Ruinerwold have the same father and mother and that the 67-year-old suspect is the father. Earlier it was established that the mother died on October 6, 2004 in Zwolle.
The outcome of the DNA test has paved the way for the public prosecutor to make a declaration on the basis of Section 1: 19b of the Dutch Civil Code to the civil status of the birth of the six children. This has since taken place.
The preparation of birth certificates is the basis for their legal identity. Due to privacy, the OM does not disclose in which municipality(s) the registrations took place.

Extension of detention claim

On the basis of the results of the current investigation, the Public Prosecution Service extended the claim of detention against both suspects during the council chamber hearing of 30 October 2019.

Sexual abuse
In addition to money laundering and deprivation of liberty and mistreatment of his nine children, the 67-year-old man is also suspected of sexually abusing two of his three oldest children, who had already left the parental home before and did not live in the farm in Ruinerwold.

Unlawful deprivation of liberty
The 67-year-old suspect and the 58-year-old suspect are also suspected of depriving a 69-year-old man from Austria of his liberty in Meppel for several months in 2009.

More details about these suspicions are not shared. The investigation is still ongoing. A complete picture can only be formed after the investigation has been completed. On the basis of this claim, the council chamber of the Northern Netherlands court extended the detention for both suspects by 90 days on 30 October.


On January 21, 2020, in line with the legal terms of pre-trial detention, a first public hearing will take place for both suspects. It is expected that this will not be substantive treatment, but a pro forma session because the investigation is not expected to be completed by that time.