Change in prosecution team MH17-trial

A change will occur within the in-court team of public prosecutors conducting the MH17-trial. On 1 August 2020, public prosecutor Mrs D. (Dedy) Woei-A-Tsoi will leave the MH17-trial and take up a position at the Public Prosecution Office Rotterdam, which now calls on her experience, knowledge and competence.

Mrs Woei-A-Tsoi’s place at the court sessions will be taken by public prosecutor Mrs M. (Manon) Ridderbeks. Mrs Ridderbeks has been heavily involved in the MH17-investigation since 2014 and brings a wealth of historical knowledge and expertise to the in-court team.

The MH17-trial will resume on 31 August 2020. From this point, Mrs Ridderbeks will be present in court together with the other prosecutors Thijs Berger and Ward Ferdinandusse. The merits of the case are not expected to be addressed before 2021.