Contact Public Prosecution Office North Netherlands

Mailing address

Postbus 577
9700 AN Groningen
088 699 1700*

* This e-mail address is only intended for general questions and public information. Substantive questions about criminal cases and complaints that arrive via this e-mail address will NOT be dealt with. For questions and complaints about your criminal case, for other complaints, for making a report and for submitting an appeal for a traffic violation, please contact us by telephone or send a letter to our postal address for the attention of the Chief Prosecutor.

Visiting address

Paterswoldseweg 814 
9728 BM Groningen

Chief Prosecutor

Mr. D. Greive

Victim counter

Tel: +31 88 699 1780


The Public Prosecution Office North Netherlands has set up the mailbox especially for questions and requests from counsellors. This mailbox is intended for:

  1. Status questions 
  2. General questions about the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service
  3. Organizational questions concerning a court hearing 

Public Prosecution Office North Netherlands

Paterswoldseweg 814 9728 BM Groningen