Why did Malaysia only join the JIT later?

In the first phase, Malaysia mainly contributed to the international aviation investigation led by the Dutch Safety Board (OVV) and to the repatriation missions. For example, shortly after the crash, Malaysian aviation investigators secured the flight recorders of flight MH17 and transferred them to the OVV. Malaysian police also searched for the remains and personal belongings of the victims in Ukraine. And there were Malaysian experts involved in identification procedures in the Netherlands.

At the establishment of the JIT, Malaysia expressed its intention to become a member at a later date. That intention was confirmed on 19 August 2014. On that day, Malaysia became a "JIT participant". Full membership of the JIT was not yet possible because the death penalty can be imposed in Malaysia. This is prohibited in the other JIT countries. After agreements on this matter were made, the country officially became a member of the JIT on 4 December 2014. Since then there has been close cooperation in the criminal investigation with Malaysia and Malaysian colleagues have supported all findings and conclusions of the JIT.