Amendments in MH17 prosecution team

Some amendments are taking place in the team of the public prosecutors of the MH17 trial.

Attorney General B. (Birgit) van Roessel has been added to the team of public prosecutors. Van Roessel has had a long career at the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service and is now fulltime employed at the MH17 team. She will also occasionally appear at the hearings in the Schiphol Judicial Complex (JCS).

From this summer on, public prosecutor W. (Ward) Ferdinandusse will join the Kosovo Specialist Prosecutor's Office, in addition to his position at the Public Prosecution Service. Ferdinandusse becomes Head of Investigations there. He remains involved in the MH17 trial until the verdict and will also stay present at the court sessions.

The criminal trial will continue on 6 September 2021. Relatives of the MH17 victims will exercise their right to speak during this period. The ruling in the case is expected in 2022 at the earliest.