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Объединенная следственная группа (JIT), в составе которой с 2014 года сотрудничают Австралия, Бельгия, Малайзия, Украина и ...

News item | 14-11-2019 | 12:00

Prosecution of four suspects for downing flight MH17

The Public Prosecution Service of the Netherlands will prosecute four suspects for bringing down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on ...

News item | 19-06-2019 | 12:00

Reaction JIT to press conference of Russian Ministry of Defense

The JIT has taken note of the information that has been publicly presented by the authorities of the Russian Federation for the ...

News item | 17-09-2018 | 12:00

Последние данные уголовного расследования катастрофы авиалайнера Boeing-777 рейса МН17

Сегодня утром Объединенная следственная группа (JIT), расследующая обстоятельства крушения авиалайнера Boeing-777 рейса МН17 17 ...

News item | 24-05-2018 | 12:00

Update in criminal investigation MH17 disaster

This morning, the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which investigates the MH17 crash on 17 July 2014, gave an update of the state ...

News item | 24-05-2018 | 12:00

JIT requests for information about photograph BUK TELAR

Recently the JIT has received a new photograph of a BUK TELAR. This picture was probably taken on July 17, 2014 in the town of ...

News item | 19-10-2017 | 12:00

Items relating to MH17 were rightfully seized

The forensic investigation into items taken out of Ukraine by Dutch journalist Michel Spekkers which were possibly related to the ...

News item | 13-01-2017 | 12:00

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