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  1. Econosto Mideast, Econosto, ERIKS, CMK and Mammoet Salvage reach settlement agreements with the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service

    Five companies have accepted settlement agreements offered to them by the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service (NPPS) for a ...

    News item | 28-04-2021 | 09:00

  2. ABN AMRO pays EUR 480 million on account of serious shortcomings in money laundering prevention

    ABN AMRO Bank NV (ABN AMRO) has accepted a settlement of EUR 480 million offered by the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service ...

    News item | 19-04-2021 | 07:30

  3. Public Prosecution Service responds to Machielse Committee report on Julio Poch case

    The Public Prosecution Service has taken note of, and endorses, the report by the independent committee investigating the facts ...

    News item | 01-02-2021 | 15:04

  4. World’s most dangerous malware EMOTET disrupted through global action

    Law enforcement and judicial authorities worldwide have this week disrupted one of the most significant botnets of the past ...

    News item | 27-01-2021 | 13:00

  5. Rwandan Genocide: suspect arrested in The Netherlands

    Monday 26 October the International Crimes Unit of the Dutch police arrested a 71-year old Rwandan man. Rwanda has requested his ...

    News item | 26-10-2020 | 17:00

  6. Change in prosecution team MH17-trial


    News item | 21-07-2020 | 12:52

  7. Dismantling of an encrypted network sends shockwaves through organised crime groups across Europe

    At a joint press conference today, French and Dutch law enforcement and judicial authorities, Europol and Eurojust presented the ...

    News item | 02-07-2020 | 16:58

  8. MH17-case can use statements of threatened witnesses

    The statements of anonymous threatened witnesses can be used in the MH17-case, the council chamber of the District Court of The ...

    News item | 23-04-2020 | 16:38

  9. Deployment of criminal civilian infiltrator criminal investigation into international drug trafficking

    More information can now be published about the investigation by the police and the Public Prosecution Service of the Northern ...

    News item | 27-03-2020 | 11:32

  10. Criminal proceedings start against four suspects charged with bringing down MH17

    Today, the first court session at the Schiphol Judicial Complex (JCS) against the four suspects has been commenced at 10.00 am. ...

    News item | 09-03-2020 | 12:34