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Charges against suspects downing MH17

The charges brought against the suspects by the Public Prosecutor are stated in the summons of 2 October 2019: Downing of flight ...

Publication | 02-10-2019

Speakers text press meeting (19-6-2019)

Speeches by Mr. Fred Westerbeke, Chief Public Prosecutor of the National Public Prosecution Service in the Netherlands and also ...

Speech | 19-06-2019

When was the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) established?

The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) was established on 7 August 2014 by Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ukraine. This ...

Frequently asked questions

Why is Ukraine represented in the JIT and not Russia?

Ukraine joined the JIT because the crime was committed in that country. That is were the crime scene located. location of the ...

Frequently asked questions

Do the suspects have to attend the court hearing?

A suspect is not obliged to attend the trial. There are three options: The suspect himself comes to the hearing, for example ...

Frequently asked questions

Why did Malaysia only join the JIT later?

In the first phase, Malaysia mainly contributed to the international aviation investigation led by the Dutch Safety Board (OVV) ...

Frequently asked questions

I have information for the JIT. How do I get in touch with them?

On the Contact page you will find various possibilities to contact the JIT.

Frequently asked questions

How many suspects will be prosecuted for their involvement in the MH17 crash?

The Public Prosecution Service has summoned four persons to appear at the trial. These four suspects will be jointly held ...

Frequently asked questions

What if the suspects does not show up?

In the Dutch legal system, it is possible to prosecute suspects in their absence. This means that the case is heard without the ...

Frequently asked questions

How long will the trial last?

It is not yet possible to say how long the trial will last. That depends on various factors. For example, whether suspects appear ...

Frequently asked questions